1040mm Width 25um polyimide film for FPC coverlayer

Amber typical general-purpose polyimide film Amber typical general-purpose polyimide film is widely used in mechanical, electronic lines, which is successfully used under temperature -269℃-400 ℃。Widely used in high temperature tape, class H motor/ traction motor/transformer insulation, magnet...
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    NL02 type  polyimide film is successfully developed and batch manufactured in  year 2015,  special character is flatness, no warping, low shrinkage. It's widely used in coverlay, and stiffener in FPC, also welcome in gluing fields. 

    Specification(thickness):1mil, 2mil, 3mil


    High temperature resistance
    Good tensile strength
    Excellent insulation property
    Flame class:V-0

    No warping

    Low shrinkage rate


    Available thickness: 25um 50um 75um

    Product certificate: 


    Company Certificate:

    ISO9001, ISO14001 


    NL02-75 TDS.jpg

    Export procedure

    Receive order - prepaid- manufacture (normal specification normal quantity: one week or so )-QC test-shipping arrange-warehouse delivery

    Packaging marking, storage and transportation

    1. packing in rolls with plastic package outside, then put into carton.

    2. Carton will be marked with product name, specification, quantity information

    3. film should be stored in a dry and clean room.

    4. during storage and transportation, dampness and mechanical damage should be avoided.


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