Applications Of Polyimide Films As Components And Semiconductors

Photoresist: Some polyimide can also be used as photoresist. have negative gum and positive gum, resolution can reach submicron level. With pigments or dyes can be used in color filter film, can greatly simplify the processing process.

Applications in microelectronic devices: used as dielectric layer for interlayer insulation, as buffer layer can reduce stress, improve yield. As a protective layer can reduce the impact of the environment on the device, but also to a-particle shielding, reduce or eliminate the device's soft error (soft error). The semiconductor industry uses polyimide as a high-temperature binder, in the production of chips for digital semiconductor materials and MEMS systems, the polyimide layer has good mechanical ductility and tensile strength, which helps to increase the bonding between the polyimide layer and the deposited metal layer on the polyimide layer. The high temperature and chemical stability of polyimide play a role in isolating metal layers from various external environments.

Orientation arrangement agent used in liquid crystal display: Polyimide plays an important role in TN-LCD, SHN-LCD, TFT-CD and future orientation agent materials of ferroelectric liquid crystal displays.

Electro-optical Materials: used as passive or active waveguide materials, such as optical switch materials, fluorine-containing polyimide in the wavelength range of communication is transparent, with polyimide as the matrix of Hair color group can improve the stability of the material.

Humidity sensitive material: using its moisture absorption linear expansion principle can be used to make moisture sensor.