973 Planned Deployment Of High-performance Polyimide Film And Fiber Material Structure

Polyimide not only has high, low temperature, high electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and loss, high strength and toughness, radiation resistance and corrosion resistance excellent performance, but also can be processed into thin film, fiber, composite materials, engineering plastics, foam and other forms of material. High-performance Pi thin film is a key material in the fields of microelectronic encapsulation and manufacture, electrical insulation and so on, high performance Pi fiber is considered as the most promising new generation of organic fiber in special environment such as space and nuclear energy because of its incomparable ultraviolet resistance and radiation resistance.

To achieve high performance and low cost preparation of pi films and fiber materials, it is urgent to solve 3 important scientific problems, such as the formation and evolution of resin first-order main chain structure and two-stage condensed matter in the process of complex field, the structure regulation and high efficiency preparation of polyimide material, the heterogeneous interface matching of materials and the adaptability of typical causative environment. The study, which was launched on 973 days ago, the paper focuses on the low heat expansion, colorless transparency and high thermal resistance of Pi films as well as the high modulus and defect control of pi fibers, in order to lay a solid foundation for flexible display and application of flexible solar panel and aerospace lightweight structural composite materials.