Introduction Of Application In High Temperature Labels Of Polyimide Film

With polyimide film as substrate, coated with special pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has good chemical resistance and wear resistance, the highest temperature can be up to 320 C. It has certain corrosion resistance to chemical substances such as flux, melting agent and cleaning agent, and can maintain excellent performance in extremely harsh environment of high temperature and wear. It is specially designed for printed circuit board characters or bar code labels, because it can withstand corrosion of solder, molten agent, etc. in the production of printed circuit boards . At present, thickness is mainly two kinds: 25um and 50um. High-temperature label stickers are widely used in SMT of many electronic products and high-temperature labels of products such as wave-soldering, motherboard, corrosion products, mobile phones and lithium batteries.

There are three parts in the group: substrate material, adhesive and release film.

Thickness of substrate polyimide film is 25um or 50um.

Now adhesives are generally divided into three categories, rubber, acrylic, silicone, cost of rubber is low, but temperature, chemical, and aging resistance is poor; Performance of silicone adhesive is superior, but price is much higer; Acrylic adhesive, temperature resistance is about 200℃, chemical and oxidation resistance properties is proper. 

Generally, release film is white single copper release paper, PET release film etc.

Products are widely used in electronics, motors, aluminum, aerospace and other industries.