High temperature label sticker which is based on polyimide film owns good chemical and abrasion resistance

Polyimide film is used as the base material, coated with special pressure sensitive adhesive. It has good chemical resistance and wear resistance, the highest temperature can reach up to 320 degrees C. It has a certain corrosion resistance to the chemical substances such as melt agent and detergent, and can maintain excellent performance in extreme bad environment of high temperature. It is designed for printed circuit board character or bar code label, because it can withstand the erosion of welding agent, melt agent and so on in the process of producing printed circuit board. At present, the thickness is mainly two kinds of 25um and 50um, and the commonly used colors are black and white.

High temperature resistant label stickers are widely used in the SMT and wave soldering process of many electronic products, motherboard, corrosion products, mobile phones and lithium batteries. The structure of high temperature label should have three parts: base material, adhesive, base material 25um (or 50um) coating treatment of polyimide film,which film if without coating can not meet the requirements of performance. The coating treatment can better meet the printing bar code and the color and glossiness of the material. The main applications of adhesive are widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry, aluminum industry and aerospace industry. The circuit board label electronic circuit surface mount process can be printed with thermal transfer printing and shows the best and first-class reading rate. Even if the label plate is removed directly from the environment with a soldering agent, the label can still resist contamination. If the label is preheated, it will be able to further resist a variety of chemical substances, such as soldering agents, melt agents and cleaners, as well as extreme conditions of high temperature and wear, and ensure good performance in a variety of harsh and harsh environments.

High temperature resistant labels are mostly used in special industrial environment, such as circuit board, ESD, wire and cable, hot rail steel, aluminum, pottery, flame retardant material, anti chemical and anti friction material for bar code identification. It can be used for many kinds of printing technology, such as potential transfer printing, inkjet, laser, needle type, aniline flexography and heat transfer printing. Through professional research and leading technology, the super high temperature and lead-free application series thermal transfer label is introduced, especially for the harsh working environment for the label with high temperature requirements for the international standard of industrial lead free process. It is the ideal selection of printed circuit board or other electronic zero with character or bar code.